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Advanced Uninstaller PRO 11.18

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Advanced Uninstaller PRO 11.18

You can control the program to start the Windows automatically when you use the Advanced Uninstaller PRO Startup Manager built-in and you do your program, including any advice you whether or not to disable it, on each It offers detailed information. Risk that you want to delete you, giving the ability to distinguish between the major components of Windows, a huge database of description of the startup program is included, you will, want to keep Advanced Uninstaller PRO, spyware programs.

To protect your privacy, and the safe use of cleaner, when you visit a Web site, written to the hard drive, Web address Internet page you visited, entered, cookies and Internet, and recently opened Microsoft Office that you can remove the list of the list of files you have, applications for more than 100, including WinZip for Windows Media Player, ICQ, of MSN,, of RealPlayer, such as Kazaa,

Advanced Uninstaller PRO can in order to alphabetical order of the "Start" menu or easily hide it, and then view them at any time, to remove the label "Start" menu, which damaged all . The program allows you to find and remove temporary files left behind by other applications Windows, and Internet Explorer.

The new version is a powerful registry cleaner to help to keep the price affordable registry of all programs, fast clean, and simple, optimization and defragmentation is included. There is also a registry backup utility that can easily be back up and restore this important system file when you lose or damage the information it.

Here, some key features of the "Advanced Uninstaller PRO" are as follows.
Programs and uninstall applications easily. Be performed much faster than Add / Remove Control Panel applet, the program has a handy quick search function.
Uninstall, disable and enable the icon in the Control Panel.
You can delete or disable the program that you want to run at startup.
I will remove the item to the left of the Add / Remove section after uninstalling.
I will manage the fonts installed on your computer.
You can view the shortcut menu, sort, and hide.
(Address, and cookie information about the pages you visit, typed) to remove the traces of your activity on the Internet

Note: As is enough to register on the forum of the program the name of their show "for" tax at the time of the version 10.60, it was free, but the program is fully functional without registration

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