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Folder Guard Professional

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Folder Guard Professional

Folder Guard Professional

Folder guard professional, start menu, and so is the security software of a powerful computer that can be used to control such as a control panel such as files, folders, and, access to the Windows other resources. If you want to stop other users from peak to record your, you can use the folder guard to lock your personal files and folders of you with the password. You too, will remain that you want to hide the private folder of you from virtually any application completely and, can, until you enter a valid password, such folders can not be seen. In addition, if you want to disable access to removable drives to protect critical system files from modification or destruction, to limit access to the control panel, you can more.

Folder Guard Professional Edition for Windows Vista, (both 32-bit and 64-bit), 2000, Server XP
This edition, I combine the x64 editions of 32-bit and folder guard in a convenient package of two. When you install a 32-bit version of Windows, and if it offers the same functionality as the 32-bit version folder guard. If you are installing on a x64 version of Windows, you work in the same way as x64 version of folder guard. Release of MS-DOS-based old Windows (such as Windows, 95,98, and ME) of is not supported by this edition.

You, why you need to select the Folder Guard:

>> Folder guard, password allows you to protect your files and folders you.
It is possible it is possible to open the files and folders that are protected only authorized users or you want to protect the files and folders of any password virtually. You can use the master password of folder guard that can protect an unlimited number of each with files and folders, your own password, to unprotect them all at once.

>> Folder guard, you can hide your personal folders from other users.
You can set the folder guard to hide (or as they appear in the sky) private folder of your. Folders including Windows Explorer, Office, and MS-DOS program, it will be hidden from the program virtually any

>> You can guard folder, such as Start menu, to restrict access to the desktop Control Panel
You can while denying that to other users, you can set the folder guard only specific users, to be able to change the configuration of your computer using the control panel. The Start menu, desktop, taskbar, and I can control access to various settings of Windows other resources. The Run, Start menu, file name, delete the search command, hide specific drives, lock the Internet settings, you can be a lot more.

>> Folder guard, will be able to secure access to other removable drives floppy, CD-ROM or
You can set the folder guard to limit the ability of users who want to run unauthorized programs on your computer, to install, to grant or deny access to removable drives.

>> Folder guard, is suitable for a wide range of security tasks on a machine.
You can stop other users of your computer from the peak to the personal files of you. You can protect the system files and folders from destruction by cyber-vandals. You can while denying it to others, specific users to be able to run the program. While preventing them from running unauthorized programs from the removable disk, you may want to be able to use removable drives users to store documents.

>> Without encrypting them, folder guard protects the file.
If you lose the encryption key for you, there is no risk of losing documents: without all the files make changes of any kind in the folder guard, it remains as it is.

>> You can use the folder guard, you may want to enable or disable the protection via a "hot key" immediately.
To be able to enable or disable the protection of your computer immediately, you can choose the specific key combination, such as hot keys folder guard. Of course, the "hot key" to be protected by a password, you only will be able to use it!

>> Folder guard, will be able to operate in "stealth mode".
From the fact that other users can be seen, you can be to hide the files and shortcuts of your own, to set the folder guard to operate in stealth mode. It will be possible to control the monitoring of the folder via a "hot key" Still.

>> Folder Guard supports the recovery easily in case of emergency.
Forgot your password, or if other problems occur, use emergency recovery utility (free download) in order to restore access to a protected folder quickly simply.

>> Folder guard is compatible with drives of any format.
If your computer can handle it, Folder Guard can protect it. There is no need to format the hard drive by using the NTFS file system you can: folder guard, you can protect files and folders on both the FAT/FAT32 disk and NTFS.

>> Folder guard can operate in a wide range of Windows platforms.
The rest to Windows Vista to Windows XP from Windows 2000 of, hot fixes and service packs and all, all are supported by at least one of the available editions of Folder Guard.

I >> is easy to use folder guard.
Can be used for both computer experts and novice user is facilitated, and one of the intuitive user interface most folder guard Sports.

>> Folder guard, "speak" to plain English.
You, in order to understand how to use Folder Guard, you do not have to be a computer expert. Quick Start Wizard can be used to guide you through the steps necessary to set the password protection of your personal folders. Warning about the circumstances that might require your attention will be displayed, folder guard Advisor, provides a possible workaround. Without talking "geek" or folder guard User's Guide "pseudo-techno" describes the operation in plain English and the command. (And either do not sit baby it).

>> Folder guard is not a tool toys.
Folder guard is used small businesses and large businesses, schools, police stations, correctional facilities and universities, libraries, hospitals by (to name a few).

>> Folder guard is widely used.
Hundreds of thousands, have been downloaded by computer users from almost every country in the world a copy of the folder guard.

>> Folder guard offers the best value for money.
One of the competitors does not offer a product that would approach the folder guard.

>> Is flexible folder guard.
It allows you to restrict access to folders in the NTFS drive on Windows, but it can not hide them. You can use the folder guard, you will not be able to not only restrict access to drink, you can hide the folder, they are visible in the sky. Unlike Windows for, you can use the folder guard, you can protect only some files in the folder, if you wish, visibly, to keep the rest of the files accessible. Or, after protecting each of the files and folders with a password of their own individual, you can unlock them (Windows can not do it) separately.

>> Folder guard can be used with other disk tools.
You can for them to be able to work with the protected disk without limitation, to specify the disk maintenance tools and other your Antivirus to be a program "trusted" You.

>> Folder Guard is extensible.
By creating an appropriate filter, you can fine-tune the access rules to the files and folders on your computer.

>> Folder guard, save time learning your time.
That you have can be user interface the visual, intuitive,: folder guard so you do the hard work for you, you, the other built-in Group Policy, user groups, access control lists, and authority, you do not need to learn how to use the security features of the Windows manages the limit easily.

>> Folder guard is actively maintained.
Since its first release back in 1997, on an ongoing basis, we have been improving the guard and folders extension strengthening. In version 7.92 now, folder guard, empower more than ever to you.

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