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Avira System Speedup v1.2.1.8300

Written By gena deltes on Sunday, April 21, 2013 | 9:29 PM

Avira System Speedup v1.2.1.8300 Incl REG - [MAHIY]

Avira System Speedup v1.2.1.8300

Unleash the power that you did not know your PC had. It has slowed over time your computer is? Rather than maintenance, it gives patience! It is still the best day of your PC is yet to come. I will clean it up. I will tune it. To release your PC to run at its best! Through its life, PC your stores the scrap of other stick long after the program, log, junk files, cookies, they are needed. They are pressure on the processor and memory of you all really.

Maybe you tried to remove unnecessary files already, but it is unlikely to have what a relief from slow persistent on the PC. It is because not reached oversupply under runaway process of surface files, registry entries and bad time.

Where it is not possible without the user, remove to optimize the Windows error-free performance you deserve a thorough and safe, so bring back a high-speed, programs or files that are not used to go to the bold system faster Avira !


To reduce the load on your computer
The system cleanup module, a complete set of clean out tool is included confusion PC quickly and safely. Recovery a significant amount of wasted space in the Smart Defrag junk file cleaner, and registry cleaner. You can activate the privacy cleaner to erase the data downloaded with the Web browsing of your everyday.

Slowness, I go to the source of the crash or freeze
The PC of all, you need to run a number of process behind the scenes. New application is added, it can be hung with the results background activity, of error, to grow chaotic. The optimization of the complete system with the service manager and process manager, place the process of selfish PC back on track. By limiting the number of tasks to be performed while Windows loads, Startup Manager speed up boot time.

Will not leave without a souvenir past
And you need to have the last word or which other people can access the file, it's PC†of "you. It that you will not be able to recover items that have been deleted disk wiper and file shredder The encryption of files and preserves the current file to lock down to prying eyes. remnants without the application that was deleted uninstaller, cause error and your machine in the future while ensuring I will avoid wasting space.

To check the health of your PC thoroughly
The appointment No, Disk Doctor, you do not need to diagnose find, are recovering your hard disk for errors. Disk analyzer checks the opportunity to improve the usage of disk space. For preventive care, driver monitor reduces the risk of hardware failure, the hardware you, to keep track of software that links the operating system.

System requirements:

Operating System: (32-bit or 64-bit), Windows XP Windows 7 (64-bit or 32-bit) and Windows Vista (32-bit)
Processor or higher 300 MHz: processor
Memory: minimum. 256MB of RAM
Hard Disk: minimum. The 12 megabytes of available disk space

Homepage: http://www.avira.com/en/avira-system-speedup

Installation instructions:

- I installed the program.
- Run the "Regme", and then merged into the system registry.
- Please enjoy, and Done.

Download Link:

Size: 20 MB

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